STRESS resilience toolkit

stress resilience toolkit

Price starts at: £20 per person

2 hour workshop

Available for: Parents , CEOs and Employees.

We also offer lunch and learn 1 hour workshops.

Bespoke and one-to-one options available following sickness absence or long-term absenteeism.

Stress resilience toolkit

Stress is a normal part of everyday life and something we all live with until it becomes a problem.  our NEW approach to stress management builds prevention into your life.  You will learn simple tools that will change the way you view stress. Learn how to stop stress escalting so you can feel calmer, build your reslience and create happier mental health habits.   

Our workshops are informal, interactive and science based.  The stress resilience toolkit is split into 3 modules:

AWARENESS – Understanding the Brain –   Understand the neurscience of your brain, find your stress habit, understand how Automatic Negative Thoughts rule your thinking, learn to build a framework to spot signs, identify triggers and know when to take action.

ADAPT –  Build your resilience – understand the 5 steps to building reslience with practical tips for everyday reslience and life long stress management.  

ACTION –  Know how to take action – learn 5 practical instant stress busting 1 Minute Tools.  The tools cover: negative thinking, building purpose, learning to relax, thinking calm and using body language for confidence. 

Touching on NLP, neuroscience, CBT and positive psychology.   Evidence based and science backed.

TAKEAWAY: Your Stress Resilience Toolkit for Life.

A full course outline is available, just email us for a copy.