good mood toolkit

Price starts at: £20 per person

2 hour workshop

Available for: Parents , CEOs and Employees.

We also offer lunch and learn 1 hour workshops.



Our workshops are informal, interactive and science based.  

Learn how to eat for better mental health, how to eat to boost your mood, lower stress and increase energy.  Lots of practical tips to build better mental health habits into your working day:

The Good Mood Food Toolkit is split into 5 modules with practical tips to action straight away.

  • Module 1 – Mood and Food Connection
  • Module 2 – Mood Boosting Tips
  • Module 3 – Energy Boosting Tips
  • Module 4 – Stress Busting Tips
  • Module 5 – Creating Better Mental Health Habits using the 21 day habit changer

All learners receive a copy of the Mood and Food Toolkit which includes 15 Mood Boosting recipes and 5 day Good Mood and Food plan.  Selection of Nutritious snacks, organic teas, fruit and water for all delegates.