our story

Mum of 2, Claire Plummer set up Mini Mindset to  help anyone create better mental health habits.

Claire, a stress management specialist, Mental Health Trainer and Certified NLP Master Practitioner worked with one-to-one clients for years so decided to take those learnings into a group workshop so others could benefit from simple tools and techniques that focus on prevention rather than cure.  

Drawing on personal and professional experience , Claire developed the training with huge success.  The courses have since moved into the corporate world and regularly feature as part of wellbeing days, lunch and learn sessions  and line manager training. 

Our workshops are all delivered in 1-2 hours and are designed to give you the confidence to manage your mental health better and learn simple  tools that you can share with friends and family. We want you to share the knowledge!

We offer a range of workshops:

Stress Resilience Toolkit

Learn the myths about stress, how you create stress, find faults in thinking, spot the signs early, identify stressors, build your resilience and learn practical tools to manage stress.

Mood and Food Connection

Find out how nutrition affects mood, how to eat to boost mood, banish stress and boost energy. Science backed with practical tips to takeaway to help change habits for life.

The Calm Kit

Learn how to retrain your brain, understand why you worry, break the anxiety habit, learn how tools to stop anxiety instantly and train your brain to relax and reboot.

Our goal
is about prevention

We help you protect your mental health.

We teach tools to help prevent mental health issues escalating.  

We help you change your mental health habits so you can manage your mindset better. 

We teach tools for life that you can share with others to pass on the knowledge. 

SMALL changes that make a BIG difference.